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CresiRendering, the sister website of Cresire, a BIM consulting company, brings its expertise to AEC professionals in UK and Australia with exceptional 3D Scan to CAD conversion or Point services. 

We transform captured physical environments into accurate, intelligent 2D CAD drawings, empowering informed decision-making throughout your project lifecycle.

Our dedicated 3D Scan to CAD services team ensures accuracy, meeting the highest standards in design. Whether it’s architectural plans, mechanical parts, or intricate details, our expertise extends across various industries. Collaborate with us for a streamlined and efficient process, elevating your project with the transformative power of Scan to AutoCAD.

Why Choose CresiRendering for Scan to CAD or Point Cloud to CAD Needs?


Software We Use


Precise 3D Scan to CAD Conversion, Streamlined Workflows

Our skilled technicians leverage 3D Scan to CAD software as advanced AutoDesk software and methodologies to deliver precise 2D CAD drawings from various point cloud formats. 

We meticulously handle intricate details, ensuring seamless integration with your existing design tools and workflows. Whether you require floor plans, elevations, sections, or detailed component drawings, Cresirendering delivers:

Preparing for a Smooth Scan to CAD Experience

To ensure a seamless and efficient conversion process, please provide:

  • High-quality point cloud data: Choose a reputable scanning company and ensure the data captures the required level of detail.
  • Clear project goals and specifications: Define the intended use of the converted CAD drawings and the desired level of detail.
  • Reference information (optional): Share existing drawings, plans, or architectural models for enhanced context and accuracy.

15% Discount on Ongoing Projects

CresiRendering is committed to building lasting partnerships with AEC professionals. We offer a special 15% discount on all ongoing Point Cloud to CAD conversion projects, ensuring consistent value and a streamlined workflow for your team.

“From Point Clouds to Precision: Building Informed Decisions, Together.”

Reasons to Adopt Point Cloud to CAD or Scan to CAD Services

The rapid adoption of 3D Scan to CAD services within the AEC industry is fueled by a compelling array of advantages.

Here’s how partnering with Cresirendering for your conversion needs can empower your projects:

  • Accuracy: Capture every inch of the scanned environment with meticulous detail, minimizing errors and rework down the line. Our rigorous quality control ensures you receive precise 2D drawings that faithfully represent the reality you captured.
  • No Detail Left Behind: From intricate geometries to hard-to-reach areas, our conversion process captures everything, providing a comprehensive digital representation of your built environment.
  • Time Is Money: We understand the value of time in project management. Our efficient 3D Scan to DWG or Convert Point Cloud to DWG process quickly transforms physical spaces into digital drawings, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Reduced Site Visits: Eliminate the need for repeated site visits by accurately capturing and analyzing conditions remotely. This not only saves time but also improves safety and accessibility.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Extract valuable information from your scan data to make informed decisions about design, renovation, and maintenance. Gain insights into spatial relationships, dimensions, and potential challenges early.
  • As-Built Accuracy: Capture the “as-built” state of existing structures with meticulous detail, ensuring your renovations, expansions, or restorations are based on precise information.

Partnering with CresiRendering for your 2D Electrical CAD Drawing Services

With CresiRendering‘s Scan to CAD 2D or Point Cloud to CAD Conversion Services, you gain more than just precise drawings; you gain a reliable partner invested in your project’s success. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and unlock the potential of your scan data.

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